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Holistic Life Coach + Personal Trainer + Nutritionist + Reiki Practitioner


My name is Jamie and my passion is helping people cultivate breakthroughs.


I take mental health & wellness seriously and understand we are all in varying places of healing. My goal is to normalize feelings, validate experiences, and help people build their best, most resourced selves.


We all have what it takes to reach our highest potential 

and sometimes we need somebody to help us realize it and provide accountability while we adapt to our new reality. 


As your coach, I walk with you on a journey through obstacles and challenges 

to accomplish your deepest desires and goals. I use compassion & my intuitive gifts to guide my questions + deliver loving messages and insights to your sessions.​

I help provide accountability so you not only plan, but also follow through with goals to sustain new changes.

I know that change isn’t easy, and I am excited to help you draw out the confidence that has been inside all along to build the life you deserve.

Are you ready to make a lasting change?  

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! 

I appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you soon.

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