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Ocean Rocks


"I started coaching sessions with Jamie because I had a big, creative vision and wanted someone to stay accountable to in making progress towards it. I went in thinking that would be the extent of it, but working with Jamie has become so much more to me. I feel like I have made more progress towards unearthing secrets inside of me this year with Jamie than I did in all of my years seeing other practitioners. It's as if each session we go on a spelunking journey into the depths of me, with Jamie lovingly pointing out caverns to explore or rocks to turn over to understand myself better. She leads the way, but always so gently, so often starting a life-changing line of questions with 'I wonder if...' or, 'What would happen if...'. She teaches me to bring the parts of me I'd rather hide out into the light, and to hold them with tenderness. She has helped me learn to pay more attention to the sensations in my body and listen to what they are trying to tell me. I am not religious anymore, but it feels like an awful lot like the good parts of what church should be."

Sandy Williams

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