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Welcome to my world of mental, physical, and spiritual transformation. I am here to guide you on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Let Your Power Rise

Just as a house with a weak frame or faulty foundation cannot be fully transformed by merely adding beautiful flowers and colors, focusing solely on changing the external appearance of your body may not address the underlying internal aspects.  Embracing a holistic approach encompassing embodiment, fitness, mental wellness, and spiritual connection allows for powerful, lasting transformation. The truth is, you already have everything within you that you are seeking. Yes, you! As your embodiment mentor, I am here to guide you back to the infinite power within.

Ignite Your Spirit

Welcome to Elevated Life Coaching where the physical meets spiritual. As your guide, I am committed to helping you reach your highest potential and live a life of joy, safety, love, and abundance. Through my offerings of reiki, breathwork, transformational mentoring, and embodied movement, I lead you back to your highest self and reconnect you to your innate power.

I understand that everyone's journey is unique; therefore, my services are tailored to meet each of my clients' individual needs. No matter what you are desiring to create in your life, my intention is for your experience here at Elevated to be one of expansion and empowerment that lovingly guides you back to your inner knowing. You truly have everything you need inside, and I cannot wait to see you tap into your infinite potential.


Let's take the first step together on your journey to an elevated life!

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