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Elevate Your Frequency

I always tell people that reiki is my favorite teacher! It "called" to me in 2019 when I was just beginning the journey of my spiritual awakening. I knew that there was something more inside of me than just my human self, but I was not quite sure what that meant. I scheduled my first session with a practitioner, and the healing magic of reiki opened me up to gifts that had previously been laying dormant. My intuition ignited, psychic senses turned on, and my life changed forever.  

Now years later as a reiki master, I lovingly activate the power of your life force energy to facilitate healing, inner power, intuition, and a sense of connectedness in your whole body. My intention is to bring light to areas of your life that need love and awareness to ensure a lasting transformation. Each session includes channeled messages and a unique blueprint of how to move forward in your life with more ease. 

I believe that our bodies and minds are made to heal, and I can't wait to help you activate the innate healing power of your soul. Reach out to schedule your session today!

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