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All You Need Is To Breathe

Breathwork is an ancient practice that harnesses the power of conscious breathing to transform the relationship we have with ourselves and the world around us. It allows us to get out of the thinking brain and into the feeling body where all of our untapped energy lies. When we only exist in the mind, we are missing out on the majority of our essence which are the feelings that  reside in the body. As your breathwork facilitator, I help you unlock and unblock the connection to your body where your joy, abundance, love, power, intuition, safety, and freedom live. Breathwork "uproots" old emotional energy from body, so that we can live from a clear state of being rather than feeling trapped in the past.

Breathwork Group

One of the most important aspects of our awakening and healing journey is community. We are quite used to hiding away when we feel anything less than perfect and are left to deal with our pain alone. I find that this is the old, fear-based way of living. When we authentically show up in safe, loving groups, this offers a whole new level of healing that proves to your fear that you can be wholly accepted without having to be anything but yourself. This is why I have created an in-person breathwork community where we get together to discuss what is present in our lives and come back to the safety of our bodies with our breath.


As your breathwork facilitator, I guide you through specific breath patterns that help you return to the connection with your soul, all while channeling messages and removing energy blocks for everyone in the class. I am so happy to welcome you into this sacred, loving community just as you are. See you next class!

1:1 Breathwork

The beauty of a 1:1 breathwork session is that we get to tap into your needs and tailor a breath experience unique to you. We start our sessions by setting a powerful intention that can range anywhere from healing a specific trauma to activating a spiritual experience. What I have found in my years of healing is that many of us cannot fathom how powerful we actually are. We hold immense untapped potential, which is why getting out of the monotony of the "thinking" brain and getting into the truth within the "feeling" body is crucial to clearly know yourself. Breathwork does just that.


If you are ready to amplify your manifestations, bring forth your infinite personal power, and heal the pain of the past, schedule your breathwork session today! 

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